The cloud as the enabler for next-generation medical imaging
dinsdag, juni 4, 2024
10:20 AM - 11:05 AM
CT, Imaging IT en AI, Leiderschap en Management, Nucleaire Geneeskunde, Radiotherapie
Atlanta 2

The ever-increasing demand for imaging studies and the shortage of radiologists and other key specialists in medical imaging remain challenges for healthcare systems. In this talk, we would like to give you an overview of how the cloud enables next-generation medical imaging to overcome these challenges already today. We will explore how medical imaging solutions benefit from secure, compliant cloud technology and can automatically scale to support vast amounts of imaging data. Radiologists have increased flexibility through efficient remote reading options and enhanced cross-specialty collaboration. Additionally, we will discuss how AI/ML and generative AI in healthcare can serve as a radiologist’s assistant to help enhance diagnostic speed and quality while supporting patient outcomes. Throughout the presentation, we will provide customer examples and architectural best practices that will allow you to adopt next-generation radiology within your organization.