MIRACLE the platform for virtual biopsies
woensdag, juni 5, 2024
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Mamma Radiologie, MRI
Atlanta 2

WaveTronica is an MRI company that builds and installs RF hardware for MRI research. The company assists researchers in reaching their goals by providing innovative solutions on all MRI hardware related projects. WaveTronica coordinates the EU-funded MIRACLE that aims to develop an add-on device for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners to enable virtual biopsies, providing information on tumor margins and metabolic information for more effective therapies. This accurate and rapid non-invasive procedure will provide doctors with the information needed to create personalised treatment plans. 


The MIRACLE objective is to develop MRI coil hardware and software, using breast cancer as a case study for evaluation. MIRACLE is developing a first-of-kind add-on device for MRI scanners that will be used to acquire a virtual biopsy of the tumor providing not only structural information on tumor dimensions, but also unique metabolic information on the efficacy of specific systemic therapies. Ultimately, this fully non-invasive, accurate and rapid predictive approach can guide patients to the best fitting treatment plan given their personal circumstances and tumor characteristics.


WaveTronica together with the University Medical Centre Utrecht, German Cancer Research Centre and Medical University of Lublin builds this future by bringing the first Metabolic MRI-as-a-Service solution to the market. Past projects and research led to the development of a Proof-of-Concept MRI coil capable of detecting metabolic biomarkers non-invasively using the strongest clinically available MRI system. The MRI coil is a plug-and-play add on for existing MRI machines resulting in an accessible and affordable virtual biopsy tool that can identify cancer biomarkers and tumor activity without shedding a drop of patient blood. This project converts a complex research tool into an accessible diagnostic service (Metabolic MRI-as-a-Service).