Optimization of Diagnostic and Prognosis in Neurooncology through the Synergy between Perfusion Imaging and Artificial Intelligence
dinsdag, juni 4, 2024
12:00 PM - 12:20 PM

The presentation highlights the critical role of new perfusion biomarkers provided by Cercare Medical in enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors.

Cercare Medical's advanced perfusion biomarkers are pivotal in refining the precision of brain tumor imaging. These biomarkers utilize sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze blood flow characteristics within the brain, offering detailed insights into tumor behavior and physiology. This allows for a more accurate assessment of tumor grade and type, and helps in making informed decisions about biopsy locations.

 These new biomarkers are particularly valuable in differentiating between tumor progression, pseudo-progression, and radionecrosis. Traditional imaging techniques can struggle to distinguish between these conditions, which is crucial for determining the appropriate treatment pathway. Cercare Medical's perfusion biomarkers provide enhanced clarity, reducing the risk of misinterpretation and ensuring that patients receive the most suitable treatments based on the precise characteristics of their tumors. Additionally, the correlation and synergy of these biomarkers with PET results is particularly valuable. Moreover, by integrating these innovative perfusion biomarkers with AI, the approach moves toward more personalized treatment plans.